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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Detective Party

My little man is seven. How in the heck did that happen? Well. It happened. And it was fun.
and now... the part-ay (aka a bazillion pictures)!

Mission Plan:

1. scavenger hunt to hunt to find present from mom and dad- a basketball hoop! We have been SO excited to give this to him and since we purchased he has wanted to turn every garbage, basket and hole in to a place he can shoot some hoops... so we knew he would love it.

note to self: never hide a clue in a cupcake. Long story short- paper wrapped in foiled is a choking hazard... thankfully no agents we're harmed long term.

2. Marshmallow guns and battle

3. Pelted by marshmallows

4. Birthday boy's fave: Hawaiian Pizza and Root Beer.

5. Play knock out until dark with the new hoop

6. Cupcakes and wishes

7. Open Presents and love every minute

8. Ransom notes (confession: I was the only one who sat and completed- I had a great time)

9. Watch Pink Panther and sleep in the living room

10. Play more bball and Dylan's next fave: crepes, strawberries, orange sauce and cool whip ("rad" whip at our house) until the cousins went home.

Dylan said it was the best birthday yet (but he does say that every year :)


  1. Hi -- we are trying to reach you to see if we could share a link to your detective party in an article at The Real Deal by RetailMeNot. If you still update this blog, please get in touch or let us know how to do so.


  2. Just came across your blog and love your photography throughout.
    Can you share what type of camera you shoot with, lens type and if you do image editing and with what software. I have an SLR but don't really know how to use it nor do I have fancy software. I'd like to learn what makes your photos look so beautiful. :)

    Thanks much

  3. Hi may I use the one picture for an invitation I am making for my sons party? The one with the three boys holding guns. It will be solely for personal use. thamk Amy

  4. I would really love to know how you made the pictures look that way. Please share if you don't mind.