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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Activity Day Camp 2012: Superhero Training Camp

Wow. Another year of day camp done! So many wonderful people helped to make this a successful day!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chad + Tiani

 It's so fun when family members fall in love. My cousin Chad is crazy about Tiani (and rightfully so). I just loved watching them together. We were lucky enough for it to stop raining for exactly one hour so I could take some engagement pictures... and these are a few favorites. So happy for you two!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

testimonies of all folks present for the baptism
paper that matches the baptism quilt to perfection
picture of the man himself
a little lamination and a spiral binding (plus an envelope in the back for extra treasures) 

your very own baptism book
(and a pretty fun little project I might add)
ps the gathering of testimonies idea came from my sister's ward 

Friday, June 3, 2011

Activity Day Camp 2011: Fly... the Sky is the Limit!


9:30 Early Check-In begins
    Retrieve Passports, Baggage Claim (scripture totes), fill out luggage tags (a highlight of the day was Brother Riddle's security station. The girls then filled out their passports- which was my favorite project to create- picked up their scripture totes, made a luggage tag, grabbed pretzels/water and then played games until we kicked off)

10-10:20  Board Flight

10:20 Prepare to take off! (Celestial Heir-ways flight 747)
    Opening Prayer
    Flight instruction- Flight Attendant Brady (she did such a fantastic job! the girls were in stitches when she did a dance showing the girls all the exits. She tried to detect a threat of bad attitude and needed the girls help to get off the ground... so they stretched their wings left and right and even in the back).
    Take-Off Devotional- “Your Identification” Captain Goettig   
    Musical Number by Becky and Kami Garcia
    In-flight movie (President Uchtdorf's "Your True Identity") / pretzels and juice

(you are now free to move about the cabin)

the next couple of hours were filled with 4 workshops (where each girl received a stamp in her passport), a slide show and lunch on the landing strip.


Runway- all about modesty and a fashion show with custom made outfits

United we Fly- make necklaces where each bead stands for a quality of the girls and learn about our differences.

Flight Crew- Minute to Win It games to take home to show families

Carry on through Turbulence- Lesson with FHE lesson to take home

1:50-2:00pm Landing Devotional- “Flying First Class to the your Final Destination.” Me
    All Sing  “I am a Child of God” in sign language
   Closing Prayer

(This really was a sweet, wonderful day for me to see these beautiful girls, all in matching shirts, learning about the gospel and making friends. Every time I stood to talk, I cried. The spirit was so strong... I felt the spirit surround me all day long and my testimony was really strengthened. I have learned that to serve is to love. I have never worked so hard on something- and I have never felt so much love for "strangers" like I did... 300 plus of them.  The ladies I serve with now seem long time friends. I am so grateful for their hard work so that this day could come together. They really looked out for me. I am so grateful for Brandon and the kids support they gave as I ran around like a crazy lady, going to meetings, and preparing for the day. For all the crazy events that seemed to come up the week before camp... the most important thing to remember is how Heavenly Father blessed us. How all the problems worked out so easily, it's as if they were the better option. I am so grateful for this sweet calling and so grateful for this chance to serve and love the girls in my Stake.)


until next year...