I love to cook, sew, take pictures, have dance parties in my living room, eat, sing loudly to songs I don't know, decorate, throw parties, make messes, host playgroup, bike, kiss my husband, eat, play the piano, visit new places and scrub my bathroom floors with a toothbrush while my kids whine and complain.... anything but laundry. This here blog is dedicated to everything a mom can do, except (heaven forbid) that basket of clothes that needs folding.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Stepping Stones

(from my personal archives September 2008)  

We made these babies at the reunion- and they were fun, easy and cheap.

Cement (10 bones) + craft store floral pebbles (two fity) + Costa Vida tin (twenty pennies) = less than 15 bucks (buy more tins and you'll have enough cement to make twenty. You could make one for every grandma, uncle and teacher for less than a buck a piece. The kids loved it and the parents had a memory to take home (okay, so they will probably just throw it in the dirt- but they liked it too).

(note: you take the foil off- this picture was taken while drying, but trust me, they turned out cute)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sam and Kaori Part One

Sam and Kaori's wedding weekend was a blast... and it was especially fun to be their photographer (a first for me). It will most likely be sometime next week that I get to posting the reception photos. Congrats Kaori and Sam- you are a beautiful couple with beautiful families. What a beautiful day.