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Friday, August 13, 2010

Better than Chicken Noodle Soup

(from my personal archives spring 2010) 

Yesterday my sister had the fabulous idea to put together a care package for my grandpa who recently had a stroke (shh... don't tell him). I thought it turned out so cute and I'm anxious to send it off today.

Box Contents:

1. Pictures from the kids
2. A smile attack (little hand drawn smiley face to decorate his walls

3. A jodytote banner. Whenever we ask grandpa how he is going he says "jodytote!" It's my favorite word (hence the title to our family blog).

4. A little green dog. Whenever someone in the family is bummed or just needs a good laugh- Grandpa walks over to a closet door, opens it a crack (making dog noises) and kicks a pretend dog over and over until everyone is in hysterics. He then walks away limping while the "dog" whimpers. I can vividly remember this making bad days not such a big deal.

5. Pictures of the kids

6. A bouquet of some of his favorite people's hands (aka us and the kids).

We love you Grandpa

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