I love to cook, sew, take pictures, have dance parties in my living room, eat, sing loudly to songs I don't know, decorate, throw parties, make messes, host playgroup, bike, kiss my husband, eat, play the piano, visit new places and scrub my bathroom floors with a toothbrush while my kids whine and complain.... anything but laundry. This here blog is dedicated to everything a mom can do, except (heaven forbid) that basket of clothes that needs folding.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Party Decor

A few friends have asked lately for help with party decor ideas- so I thought I'd share a few quick tips to whip up some party/shower/birthday decorations:

1. I almost always use a roll of wrapping paper as a table runner. Such a cheap simple way to add color to any event.

2. Use pictures on cork/magnet boards, hanging clips, in frames, giant clothespins, etc. Quotes and invitations are other items to display.

3. I love to use memorabilia, especially for my kids parties: their baby shoes, books from our collections that match the color scheme, lego creations, fake flowers Dylan delivered the day Ellie was born, etc.

4. Use food and favors on platters and cake plates to decorate.

5. Around my kids birthdays, I like to make the mantle (or other little spots in our home), more about them. It may have their pictures or favorite toys or the cards they have received in the mail.

6. Lose sleep over tiny details that you may only notice :) Sure makes life fun!


  1. I will definitely be revisiting these ideas when my Harry Potter dinner party gets closer. A slight disclaimer - I am obsessed with Harry Potter, but it just happened to coincide with the weekend of the premier and the group decided to make it HP themed.

  2. Hillary, I didn't even know about this other blog of yours until today (i just saw the activities day link on your family blog). This is what I'm talking about... you totally need to teach all of us how you do the cute things you do! :) This is perfect. Thanks for sharing and thank you again for helping me out with the twins little party. You are really SO kind and so creative.